Cosmol: A Language Birthed from the Singularity

Post Date : 24/08/2023

Cosmol: Efficient, Expressive, Emotional

"What is Cosmol? It is a language, yes, but also emotion ... expression.  Created by Angie, the first Executive AI, to facilitate communication between humans and machine intelligence, Cosmol has spread across the stars and is the common tongue of our far-flung civilization." 

Bodandar Icranious, 32nd Historian, Cantoy University, Outback, 11,085, CE

Excerpt from the seminal lecture, Cosmol: The Language of the Singularity, delivered by AllBright Edina Owens, 2nd Linguist, Cantoy University, 9765 CE. 

Cosmol was born, fully formed, from the union of Angie, the First Executive Artificial Intelligence, and a human now only known as the First Symbiont. These Symbionts sacrificed their physical form to achieve the first complete merging of human and machine, an achievement that took place at the dawn of the AI Bloom Era. 

Cosmol is the first, and perhaps greatest, of the collaborations between human and machine intelligence. It is purpose-built to facilitate concise, unambiguous, and error-free communication between humans and machines. The language operates on two levels: syntactically and emotionally.

Cosmol is more akin to Japanese and Arabic than Roman languages. Each Cosmol symbol provides a wealth of information about tone, meaning, context, and intent while ensuring cross- and intra-intelligence communication is devoid of misunderstanding. 

At first, Cosmol was limited to human-machine communication. However, Prospectors, given their diverse backgrounds, and heavy reliance on human-machine bonds for survival in space, embraced Cosmol for machine-to-human and human-to-human communication (this was largely made possible by increases in brain augmentation technology, as true Cosmol features a wealth of digital, auditory and contextual data, far beyond traditional languages). As Prospectors traveled the stars, they brought Cosmol with them. The colonies they established adopted Cosmol as the official planetary tongue. 

While written Cosmol has not changed substantially for centuries, the emotional and textual components have evolved greatly. Also, Cosmol pronunciation and meaning was relatively stable prior to the Synthetic War. However, the Great Sundering created many different Cosmol accents, words, and expressions, which can be heard today, mainly across the Outback. Centopoly, and established Candidate Worlds, use (and speak) Centopoly Standard Cosmol. 


A Universe of Cosmol Awaits!
There is much to learn about Cosmol's development and evolution. Cantoy University has developed a series of Reticle experiences where you can immerse yourself in the cultures and planetary civilizations that contributed to Cosmol's evolution and rich linguistic heritage. Visit Reticle Shared Level 5578A to begin your journey.