Imagine a future where humanity is organized for peace, prosperity, and progress. Guided by an artificial intelligence capable of modifying behavior, known as the Metric, each individual is rewarded for their contribution to the collective. Thousands of worlds, billions of organizations, and trillions of beings are dominated by The Centopoly, a Corporatocracy overseeing adoption and compliance via the Metric. Working in concert to reduce the variability in the universe, they seek stability and an end to chaos. But some believe the system is flawed and fight for a different outcome, for a say in what will come. They fight with Cypher, which they hope will set humanity free from its enslavement to the Metric.

Humanity faces a choice: a future where they are free to choose their own path — for good or ill — or the Centopoly, which offers its vision of peace and prosperity through the Metric.

Welcome to the Cosmos!

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