Scions of Ogo

Post Date : 12/08/2023

Original Species: Homo Technologicus

Scions of Ogo, along with their 'siblings', TechnoMages were created by the machine intelligences, known as the 12, during the Synthetic War. These two groups of Homo technologicus, TechnoMages and Scions of Ogo, were originally very similar, but eventually their paths diverged. Scions of Ogo interact with the physicial world (and hone their martial abilities), while TechnoMages focus on technology and virtual realms. 

It is nearly impossible to understand the Scions of Ogo without knowing from whence they came: the horrid depths of civil war.

Humanity's Civil War

Many thousands of years ago, humanity was embroiled in the Synthetic War. This conflict, which lasted nine decades, came about when a significant portion of humanity came to believe their civilization had become too reliant on their machine allies, specifically the 36 great Executive Artificial Intelligences (EAIs). In the end, the EAIs split into two camps, which became known as the 12 and the 24. The 12 and their allies, rebelling against the system they’d helped construct, were vastly outnumbered. To combat this, they turned to technology, creating an augmented version of homo sapiens, one that was capable of combining nanotechnology with living flesh, at the genetic level. These advanced beings, warriors to the bone, eventually changed the course of the war, granting the 12 and their followers, now known as the Decents, the victory they so desired. 

This victory threw the Comos into a lengthy dark age, one where advanced technology became scarce and the previous interconnected nature of civilization was shattered into so many tiny spheres of light sparkling in the black of space. It was in the darkness of the Great Sundering that the Scions truly came to exist. 

An Evolving Species

During this time of isolation, the Scions began to experiment with the nanofuse technology that made them different, continually pushing the limits of what their bodies could endure. Some went primal, merging their DNA with that of various animal species: tiger, wolf, bear. Others looked to advanced tech: the mixing of titanium-ceramic compounds with skin to create armor; occular upgrades that allowed for vision in more than just visible light, light-adaptive camouflage – the list goes on. As with their sapien cousins, some chose modest changes while others went to extremes—it depended on the individual. Despite these differences, they had one thing in common: the desire to be left alone and the will to make it happen. These men and women became the ultimate warriors, in mind, body, and spirit. 

Though little is known of their public role, even less is known about their homeworlds. Experts (some call them rumor-mongers) speculate that the vast majority were killed during the Synthetic War, but that some survived to pass on their advanced genetics and that those folks went on to found habitations and cities that still exist today. Of particular interest, it is thought that Scion abilities (or at least nanofuse tech) are scattered through the Cosmos, as Scion’s nanotech would have been passed on through procreation. 

A Threat to the Centopoly

In modern times, Scions are forbidden to enter the Centopoly, Despite this, they have an outsized impact on the Centopoly’s operations in Outback and Candidate World space. For instance, many of the most powerful gangs that operate in the Outback, are run by members of the Scions. Many also serve in security specialist roles, despite the illegality of their status. Others are assassins. 

Regardless of their small population, the Scions are one of the most powerful factions known to human civilization. Their singular focus on war, combined with thousands of years of do-or-die training and implementation, has transformed them into the single deadliest fighting force known.