The Road Ahead

Post Date : 06/10/2023

Our Plan of Action

Our goal is ambitious: to create an expansive universe on the scale of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

As even a brief scan of our website will demonstrate, Legends of Cypher is a multi-faceted media project with rich IP, compelling stories and a broad array of content, starting with comics and broadening our scope to books, film, music and other media.

We've been working hard for two years developing content to build the foundation for the Legends of Cypher universe. And to prove to ourselves and our fans that a group outside the entertainment industry can deliver a media property of this scope. 

The road ahead is promising, and we're ready to take the next step: raising awareness of the Legends of Cypher Universe, building our community and delivering Season One of our comics.  To help, we're looking for fans of the story who believe in the vision and want to support the growth of this media property. 

Should we reach our crowdfunding goal, our short-term plans are to: 

  • Deliver campaign rewards (books, printed comics, merchandise, etc.) to supporters. 

  • Engage in marketing activities to build the fanbase and establish community support.  

  • Develop Season One, consisting of an estimated 12 comics (digital editions), 40-60 pages each.

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