Web3: Digital Collectibles

Post Date : 30/11/2023
Crowdfund Web3 NFT

Legends of Cypher NFT Gallery

Web3 is the future of the internet, and technologies like blockchain and cryptography will power the creator economy. NFTs will provide unique and enduring experiences for fans of media properties like Legends of Cypher.

We developed the Legends of Cypher NFT Collection to reflect the richness and variety of the creative universe while also providing numerous unique benefits to owners.


Our experience with NFTs goes back to 2021 and the very beginnings of the Legends of Cypher project. In 2022, we developed and released two NFTs:

  1. Meru:36 Destiny’s Fall Animated Cover: This NFT celebrates the launch of the first Legends of Cypher short story of the same name
  2. Starship and Scoutship: Lunastus and Sine Ripae: An important in-universe vessel launched in collaboration with Bankless DAO.

Original Legends of Cypher NFT: A Rare Collection!

Congratulations if you were lucky enough to acquire one of these unique digital collectibles! These NFTs are no longer being minted and are only available on the secondary market. Today, each of these NFTs has additional utility: holders are eligible to receive various discounts and perks. For example, holders of the Meru-36 NFT can now claim a free print edition of the short story.  Check your wallet for the NFT voucher and claim the print edition today...


The newest NFTs in the collection build on our previous success, expand our IP, and deliver a wealth of benefits to holders.

Cosmos Pass

The Cosmos Pass provides a lifetime of unique benefits. This Soulbound token provides airdrops and the ability to mint NFTs with exclusive traits from our planned Legends of Cypher Faction PFP collection!  All NFTs available to Cosmos Pass holders will be tradeable on secondary marketplaces like Rarible and OpenSea. And the benefits don’t stop there! 

Cosmos Pass holders will receive an immediate airdrop of the Cypherian Pass NFT (valued at 0.15 ETH), which provides significant utility.

Cosmos Pass Imortal

This NFT is priced at a premium for a reason... It’s your opportunity to immortalize yourself as a character in the Legends of Cypher universe, plus it has all the benefits of the Cosmos Pass.  If you buy this NFT, our founding team will collaborate with you to design a custom character to be featured in future official Legends of Cypher content.

More importantly, you will be the sole owner of this one-of-a-kind digital asset, which we will send to you after minting it from the official Legends of Cypher Minter.

Cypherian Pass

We created the Cypherian Pass as a utility token with a unique perk: free lifetime access to all Legends of Cypher digital comics, plus exclusive discounts on print, merchandise, and collectibles. You can trade it on the secondary market, so this token’s lifetime value can be transferred from one fan to another.

There will be a limited supply, so it’s best not to wait to grab one of these passes! And remember, it's free if you buy a Cosmos Pass. 💡☝🏻

Crowdfund Packages Available to NFT Holders:

Holders of NFTs from the Legends of Cypher collection have exclusive access to limited edition packages from our crowdfunding campaign. The following chart outlines what’s available with each package, which should help you select the NFT that is right for you.