What is Cypher

Post Date : 12/08/2023

An Anti-Metric Technology


"I believe Cypher is a technology developed by Hash to combat  the Metric's ability to shape the behavior of  human and non-human intelligences. Little is currently known about how Cypher works, but it is clear Hash is seeding the technology across the Outback."


Tri-Parte Order Mission Report: 3289AB: Cypher

Cypher is an anti-Metric technology developed by Hash. We know little about how it works, but I believe it is designed to reduce the Metric's ability to monitor and shape the behavior of those it oversees. 

Recently, while leading a mission to capture Hash on Bryson-3, I witnessed Hash activate what I believe was Cypher tech. After its activation, planetary Metric scores were unavailable for approximately 2.54 seconds.  Post-event analysis of in-system Metric source code revealed no corruption or modification of core Metric functions.  We also reviewed planetary surveillance records and noticed a pulse of energy that travelled from Hash's location outwards across the planet a few hours before the event. 

Hash appears to have a device that prepares Cypher for activation. His ship may have something to do with how it is activated and spread. We are reviewing Outback and Candidate World planetary surveillance logs to determine if similar pulses have been detected on other planets.

Besides the energy wave and seconds-long disruption of the planetary metric score, no other impacts have been detected. 

Capturing Hash and his Cypher technology to reverse engineer it is now my highest priority. 

Report Filed By Malarian d’Paternay