Meru-36: Destiny's Fall - Animated Cover

Last Updated : 19/09/2023

The Meru-36: Destiny's Fall - Animated Cover NFT celebrates the release of the Legends of Cypher short story of the same name. Meru-36: Destiny’s Fall tells the tale of the Synthetic War and the final Cosmos-changing battle that influenced the rise of the Centopoly. Holders of this NFT receive discounts on certain Legends of Cypher physical and digital merchandise. About Legends of Cypher Legends of Cypher is an expansive science fiction universe featuring stories told across comics, books, animated film, and music. Trillions are controlled by the Metric, an artificial intelligence capable of modifying human behavior to regulate the future. The Centoply, a corporatocracy, uses the Metric to bring its vision of peace and prosperity to the Cosmos. Cypher, a technology rivaling the Metric, may give civilization a chance at lasting freedom. Experience the Legends of Cypher universe at