Centopoly Education Module: 1-CH - A: The Cosmos

Post Date : 22/05/2023

From the Ashes ... the Beginnings of the Centopoly

The known Cosmos is an approximately 250 parsec region of space that has been explored and settled by humankind over the past eleven thousand years, from the First Diaspora era to today.

The Cosmos features thousands of settled and unsettled planets, which have a large and diverse array of peoples, ecologies, resources and ways of life.
 The development of the Cosmos took place over several phases, including:  

  • Exploration and Expansion: Humankind left Ancient Earth and began to settle planets relatively close to it. These worlds became part of the loosely knit prosperous and vibrant inter-planetary society known as Secundus Floreo.

  • Disarray and Chaos: The nine-decade Synthetic War, fomented by the terrorist organization known as the Decents, led to the deaths of billions of sentient beings. The aftermath of this terrible conflict was the Great Sundering, a period of immense chaos. Toward the end of the Synthetic War, the Decents destroyed the The Mesh Communications Network, a primitive ansible faster than light communications system developed and maintained by the machine intelligences known as the 36, that helped to knit humanity together. This loss of communications devastated the Cosmos’ inter-planetary economy, led to technological contraction across many worlds, sparked centuries-long wars that razed planets (and even solar systems), and caused extreme poverty and deprivation.

  • Re-building and Peace: After many centuries of chaos, the Great Sundering Era came to a close when a coalition of forward thinking Senjukans came together to locate the 24 Executive Artificial Intelligences (EAIs) who had survived the Synthetic War. The Senjukans and their EAI allies hatched a plan to once again knit together the Cosmos and prevent cataclysmic events such as the Synthetic War and Great Sundering from happening again.
     Over the next ten centuries the 24 EAIs (now known as the Covenant) and Senjukans (referred to by most as Governors) harnessed their combined military, economic, and technological powers to bring together 100 highly strategic worlds into what became known as the Centopoly.

Source: Centopoly Educational Bureau